Fee for Service

Fee For Service Support

Internal and external at cost rates have been approved by the university for each of the services and capabilities offered by the HCRF. HCRF staff will work with the PI’s to obtain IRB approval and have their data collected in the HCRF. Once collected, the results of tests are forwarded to the PI as per the approved IRB. Costs for services performed are invoiced monthly until the project is complete. Faculty belonging to Colleges or Schools who are members of the HCRF Research Consortium receive discounts on fee for service rates depending on their level of membership. These colleges have designated some funding for their faculty to use for pilot and/or research projects.

PI’s interested in having the HCRF collect data on their IRB approved protocols should contact Dr. Kreider to obtain an estimate of costs for doing their projects. If there are other tests you are interested in having the HCRF perform that are not currently listed, contact Dr. Kreider to see if the HCRF has those capabilities and can obtain approval from the university for those services to be added to the list of services offered.

Fee for Service Option

  • Provide a cost estimate for conducting tests requested for budget development
  • Obtain approval from the university to add services if the PI needs additional services performed
  • Assist PI’s in obtaining IRB approval to have tests conducted in the HCRF on their independent research protocols
  • Maintain regulatory compliance as per approved IRB
  • Assist in participant recruitment, scheduling, familiarization, and enrollment if needed
  • Conduct fee for service tests for the independent IRB approved study
  • Provide results of tests to the PI for their use
  • Receive monthly invoices for services performed

Fee For Service Contact

General Inquiries, initial project planning, and budget preparation:
Richard B. Kreider, Ph.D., FACSM, FISSN, FACN, FNAK
Executive Director, HCRF

Conducting studies on clinical populations
Nicolaas E Deutz, MD, Ph.D.
Director of Clinical Research, HCRF
Tel. 979-220-2910

If you have a vision we will help you to turn it into reality

PIs in the HCRF

ESNL – Role of exercise & nutrition on health, disease, performance and recovery. Exercise physiology; obesity & weight management; dietary supplementation; health disparities and equity.
Contact Richard B. Kreider, Ph.D. at rbkreider@tamu.edu or visit www.exerciseandsportnutritionlab.com.

CTRAL – Translational research on nutrition, exercise, and metabolism in relation to aging and the common diseases of our aging population. These diseases include, cancer, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), mild cognitive impairment/dementia, and autism spectrum disorder.
Contact Nicolaas E Deutz, MD, Ph.D. at nep.deutz@tamu.edu and Mariëlle P Engelen, Ph.D. at mpkj.engelen@tamu.edu or visit at ctral.org.

ATRM – Determining effective treatments for muscle loss in several different populations, including cancer and aging.
Visit at http://hlkn.tamu.edu/center/aging-translational-research-medicine-lab.