Collaboration Support

The HCRF currently houses four Principal Investigators who have significant clinical research experience assessing the role of exercise and nutrition on health, performance, rehabilitation, and/or disease risk/management in healthy and medically-controlled clinical populations.  HCRF PI’s are available to collaborate on grant proposals as CoPI’s or CoI’s with researchers at TAMUS and assist them in conducting human clinical trials in the HCRF.  For more information, contact Dr. Kreider or one of the HCRF PI’s.

Collaborate directly with HCRF affiliated researchers serving as Co-PI’s or Co-I’s on developing grant and contract proposals; obtaining IRB approval; conducting the clinical trials; data management and analysis; presenting results; and publishing research findings.

Collaboration Option

  • Consult on research design and methods
  • Provide support for grant development and submission
  • Obtain IRB approval and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Participant recruitment, familiarization, and enrollment
  • Conduct clinical research trials
  • Provide expeditious data analysis, interpretation, and presentation of results
  • Publish research findings in peer-reviewed scientific publications
  • Assist in translating research findings to the media and public.

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